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The Industries Preferred One Stop Shop Utility Contractor.



With more than 50 employees and still growing

 About Us

With over 60 years of combined industry experience and expertise Advantage Utilities was created with the sole vision of being a one stop shop for cable, internet, and phone companies to utilize throughout this great nation of ours. 


We've partnered with major telecommunication companies such as Comcast, Consolidated Communications, Cox, Cable Vision, Time-Warner, Breezeline, Fidium Fiber and Charter Communications, just to name a few.  Advantage Utilities specializes in underground construction, aerial construction, fiber splicing, Coax splicing for both residential and commercial installs, to include network cabling, multi dwelling wiring and everything in between. What does this experiance and expertise mean when our customers put us to work? It means Advantage Utilities will not only design it, but also build it, splice it, and provide our customers with the final install as well. Never a need for multiple contractors, Ever!


Advantage Utilities has built a solid team of professionals both in office and out in the field, committed to providing the highest standards of quality work and customer service with every project/cable fit-up we complete. Our number one goal is to do whatever it takes to make your experience with Advantage Utilities a positive one.

We thank you for visiting our website and look forward to working with you!


      Morgan, PA Staff

Jonathan Cronin, Regional Director
Todd Joncas, Regional Manager
Nick Pendergast, General Manager
Jesus Jeffcoat, Operations Manager
Scott Heverly, Project Manager
Mike Mchugh, Safety Manager
Kelly Mullen, Office Admin

      Morgantown, WV Staff
Jonathan Cronin, Regional Director
Todd Joncas, Regional Manager
Nick Pendergast, General Manager
Jake Fournier, Project Manager

      Newton, NH Staff

Chris Chapman, President
Joe Yutkins, Fleet Manager
Nick Pendergast, General Manager
Jonathan Cronin, Regional Director
Andy Wamboldt, Operations
Manager New England
Zach Fuller
, Project Manager
Frank Evans, Project Manager
Tom Daigneault, Project Manager
Gregg Arzilli, Technical Trainer
Bill Call, Underground Field Manager
Shawn Clement, Asset Manager
Mandy Dogherty, Office Manager
Mike Mchugh, Safety Manager
Danny Newland, Field Manager
Jason Elliott, Field Manager
Justin O'Leary, Field Manager






Aerial And Underground Utility Construction

Fiber Splicing, MDU Work, Residential and Commercial Installs


Advantage Utilities specializes in new builds, re-builds, plant extensions, underground and aerial utility construction, splicing and interior wiring projects, just to name a few. Have a new or existing multi dwelling unit or a commercial business in need of wiring?  From cutting, trenching, plowing, boring, and drilling to installing network cabling, conduits, pedestals, pull boxes, splicing, lashing and pulling, there isn’t a low voltage project too large or too small that we can’t fulfill.

Specializing in the use of cat5, cat6, coaxial cable, fiber optics wiring/cables



 Aerial Construction

  • Aerial cable placement and pole setting

  • Coax and fiber optic cable splicing

  • Complete aerial project engineering

  • The last two decades have brought growth in the demand for communications access that has greatly impacted the communications industry. The demand for high-speed information and entertainment is at an unprecedented high with residents and businesses alike expecting nearly constant phone and cable access. These numbers are only increasing with time, and industry providers must adjust. As the demand for a broader infrastructure increases, so does the need for qualified contractors who are capable of responding to these urgent cabling and construction needs in a quick, efficient and thorough capacity.

  • As the communication industry has grown, ADV has expanded its capability and breadth of services to accommodate new demands. We have made crucial decisions to ensure that we are capable of serving the growing needs of our clients.

  • Today, we are the established loyal and trusted industry leader, supporting major communication companies with all of their aerial construction needs. Our customers count on us to complete critical projects that allow them to keep pace in their industry. Because of our consistency and our ever-expanding reputation our client list grows daily. Advantage Utilities. is the most reputable, high-quality solution provider in the aerial construction industry.


 Underground Construction

  • Underground utilities are any public service infrastructures installed beneath the ground surface. Underground utilities include electric cables, telecommunication and data cables, water and sewer pipelines, and gas and oil pipelines. These utility lines are often a lifeline of human society and help a community to function properly. They are usually installed beneath the ground for convenience, safety, and aesthetic reasons.


 Fiber Splicing 

  • Fiber-optic communication is a method of transmitting information from one place to another by sending pulses of infrared light through an optical fiber. The light is a form of carrier wave that is modulated to carry information. Fiber is preferred over electrical cabling when high bandwidth, long distance, or immunity to electromagnetic interference is required. This type of communication can transmit voice, video, and telemetry through local area networks or across long distances. Optical fiber is used by many telecommunications companies to transmit telephone signals, Internet communication, and cable television signals. Researchers at Bell Labs have reached a record bandwidth–distance product of over 100 petabit × kilometers per second using fiber-optic communication.

 Conduit Installs

  • Conduits are a protective tubing encasing electrical wiring or low voltage cable. Installing                conduits will protect against the elements, animals, etc., and will increase the life span of the wires  and cables as opposed to direct underground burial. This also makes for easier future removal       

       and or replacement if necessary.


 Network Cabling And Residential Cable Installation

  • Network Cabling is used to connect and transfer data from computers, routers, switches, and          storage area networks. Advantage Utilities can install phone, data, or fiber optic connections        

      throughout any new building or to upgrade old infrastructure. Have multiple buildings that need to          be networked together? No Problem! We offer underground conduit installs as well in order to tie            multiple buildings together.




   Providing Services To Companies That Support The Nation
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Advantage Utilities

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