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With over 45 years of combined experience and expertise in the industry, Advantage Utilities was created in order to provide quality service to the you, the customer. We have built a solid team of professionals both in office and out in the field that are committed to providing the highest standards of quality work and customer service with every project/cable fit-up we complete. Our number one goal is to do whatever it takes to make your experience with Advantage Utilities a positive one.

Advantage Utilities is partnered with many major cable companies such as Comcast, Cox, Cable Vision, Time-Warner, Atlantic Broadband and Charter, just to name a few, specializing in both residential and commercial projects. From underground construction, network cabling to multi dwelling wiring, Advantage Utilities has the ability to take on any project efficiently and correctly regardless of size.

In addition to cable fit-ups, when the winter weather is upon us, Advantage Utilities is also a fully insured commercial snow removal contractor providing snow plowing and removal throughout Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. 

Office Staff

Chris Chapman, President 

Joe Yutkins, Construction Coordinator

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Aerial/Underground Utility Construction


Advantage Utilities specializes in interior wiring projects as well as underground and aerial utility construction. Have a new or existing multi dwelling unit or a commercial business in need of wiring?  From cutting, trenching, plowing, boring, and drilling to installing network cabling, conduits, pedestals, and pull boxes, there isn’t a low voltage project too large or too small that we can’t fulfill.

Specializing in the use of cat5, cat6, coaxial cable, fiber optics wiring/cables



  • Trenching

      Trenching is used to place underground utilities such as gas mains, water mains, and telephone           lines. Placing utilities underground is far more aesthetically pleasing but more importantly,             

       trenching protects against damage and other obstructions.


  • Vibratory Plow

       Vibratory Plows allow for the installation of fiber optics, copper cable, conduit, and pipe up to 2'           into the ground. This essentially pulls conduit or wire through the ground without the need of                 digging a trench.  Because there is no trench, the job comes out exceptionally clean, appearing

       as if no work has done at all. 



  • Pneumatic Boring

      This is used in the installation of public utilities, home sprinkler systems and auxiliary home power        lines. Pneumatic boring allows us to bore under roads, driveways, sidewalks, and other           

      obstructions without the need of cutting and patching, providing little to no cleanup once the     

      project is complete.



  • Conduit Installs

      Conduits are a protective tubing encasing electrical wiring or low voltage cable. Installing                      conduits will protect against the elements, animals, etc., and will increase the life span of the wires        and cables as opposed to direct underground burial. This also makes for easier future removal       

      and or replacement if necessary.


  • Network Cabling

      Network Cabling is used to connect and transfer data from computers, routers, switches, and                storage area networks. Advantage Utilities can install phone, data, or fiber optic connections        

      throughout any new building or to upgrade old infrastructure. Have multiple buildings that need to        be networked together? No Problem! We offer underground conduit installs as well in order to tie          multiple buildings together.



Snow Plowing and Removal

Advantage Utilities is also a fully insured snow removal contractor, providing snow plowing, sanding and salting for commercial properties, as well as off-site snow removal. Our fleet consists of plow trucks, bobcats, and front-end loaders equipped with push boxes.

Annual and per storm estimates available upon request.


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